We thought Emma (Alexandra Chando) was making a grown-up decision by choosing to be with Thayer (Christian Alexander) instead of Ethan (Blair Redford). But after watching Season 2, Episode 7 of The Lying Game, we’re not so confident anymore!
Emma still seems to have strong feelings for Ethan, despite losing her virginity to Thayer. But she steered clear of Ethan because of Sutton (Alexandra Chando), who told Ethan off in the previous episode after he double crossed her at the flipside formal.

It’s also obvious that Thayer is totally jealous of Ethan, evidenced by the way he purposefully egged Ethan on in the locker room at the club to get punched. Thayer using his black eye to manipulate Emma shows he has more in common with Alec (Adrian Pasdar) than he’d like to admit. Plus, Ethan’s “we’re everything” line at the end of the episode made us all melty on the inside.

So should Emma follow her heart and go for Ethan, or should she stay with Thayer, who’s supported her throughout her search for her birth mother? Vote in our poll below and let us know!