By the end of Season 1 of The Lying Game, Ethan (Blair Redford) and Emma (Alexandra Chando) were pretty much done for, thanks to some conniving (and making out) on Sutton’s (Alexandra Chando) part.

Will we see some kind of reconciliation in Season 2? Sadly not, but that doesn’t mean Ethan will be letting go of Emma without a fight.

“Ethan has always had temper issues and he bottles up a lot of his emotions so he’s definitely not going to be too happy seeing Emma with any other guy,” said Blair of his character. “He’ll probably always — whether he says it or not — want to punch the guy in the face that’s with Emma.”

That guy could quite possibly be Thayer (Christian Alexander), whose involvement with Sutton fizzled out as his feelings for Emma became apparent.

Season 2 is shaping up to be full of love triangles!

Source: The Lying Game

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