Can you believe The Lying Game season finale is almost here? With so many mysteries to wrap up, we can hardly fathom how all of our questions will be answered in Season 2, Episode 10.
In this sneak peek of the Season 2 finale, Emma (Alexandra Chando) and Laurel (Allie Gonino) have a heart to heart about what will happen when the secret of the twins comes out.

Emma lets out some of her aggression on the tennis court as Laurel watches on. When Laurel gets smacked by a stray tennis ball, she forces her big sis to pause and talk about her feelings.

“I sense this is about Thayer or Ethan,” says Laurel.

“Both,” replies Emma. It’s about how I’m not being fair to them, or anyone. About Theresa, what happened, and about how when this all comes out, and i'm pretty sure it will really soon, I’m gonna lose everything.”

Worst of all, says Emma, will be when Kristin (Helen Slater) finds out the truth.

“Of all the lies that I have told, the worst have been to her, and she’s so innocent in all of this,” Emma says to Laurel. “It’s gonna hit her the hardest.”

Do you think the truth will set Emma free, or will it ruin everything?

Source: Hulu

Credit: Hulu Photo: The Lying Game Sneak Peek for Season 2, Episode 10: Will Emma Lose Everything?