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What’s coming up in The Lying Game spoilers for Season 2, Episode 7? Last week’s episode of The Lying Game left a lot hanging in the balance, especially the relationship between Sutton and Emma (Alexandra Chando). Even though Emma double-crossed her twin, Sutton is having a hard time trusting Rebecca (Charisma Carpenter) and her devious plans.

So will the twins start working together in the upcoming episodes? The Lying Game showrunner Chuck Pratt spilled some details about Season 2, Episode 7, saying that Sutton is warming to the idea of joining forces.

“Sutton once said, ‘When our embryos split, you got all the heart,’” Chuck told Alloy Entertainment. “How surprised will Sutton be if she finds out she has a little heart of her own?”

And what about Emma’s suspicion that Ted (Andy Buckley) is both the father of the twins and Derek’s murderer?

“This knowledge will ultimately bring Emma and Sutton closer, and Sutton begins to turn on Rebecca,” said Chuck. “There is a new suspect in this murder, and it’s Ted — their own father! OMG! Since Rebecca remains a strong suspect, and don’t forget Alec, are the pieces finally fitting together? Someone is protecting the secret, and someone is protecting Ted… or many someones…”

The plot thickens!

Source: Alloy Entertainment

Credit: YouTube Photo: The Lying Game Promo: Season 2, Episode 7 - Will Emma Choose Ethan?