Credit: Bill Records/ABC Family Photo: Alec and Derek Conspire in Season 1, Episode 5: “Over Exposed”

Oh, these Lying Gamers. They just can’t leave the investigating to the professionals, can they? With Sutton (Alexandra Chando) and Ethan (Blair Redford) on the run, someone has to track down the truth about what happened to Derek (Ben Elliott). So who’s putting on his Sherlock Holmes hat and hunting down clues to the murder?

Thayer (Christian Alexander) takes time out from his busy schedule of gaming, lusting after Sutton, and eating double-stuff Oreos to take a closer look when he realizes Papa Rybak’s (Adrian Pasdar) alibi isn’t all that it seems. But it’s not his daddy he doubts: Thayer starts digging into Rebecca’s past. Anyone else thinking he’ll find proof she’s the twins’ mother?

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Credit: ABC Family Photo: The Lying Game Sneak Peek Video for Season 1, Episode 16, "Reservation for Two": Meet Ethan's Father