Credit: Bill Records/ABC Family Photo: Emma, Char, and Mads Look Fierce in Season 1, Episode 2: “Being Sutton”

You might think Mads (Alice Greczyn) is a delicate flower who’s too busy looking pretty in point shoes to get her snark on, but appearances can be deceiving! Sure, Mads doesn’t keep her sass gage set to “full-throttle” like her bestie Sutton (Alexander Chando), but if you pay attention, this girl struts her stuff on the sly.

Mads is clearly having a secret affair with her ballet teacher, Eduardo, which is way more badass that dating some high school dweeb, plus she’s the best sister ever! Mads knows how to look glam on a budget (BWR, anyone?), and was by far the prettiest gal at the father-daughter dance — even though she had her tag hanging out!

And let’s not forget those hilars one-liners Madison delivered about her dad. Oh, snap!

There’s no doubt about it: Mads is at the top of the Queen B heap this week — but will she defend her title during next week’s all new The Lying Game? Tune in Monday to ABC Family at 9/8c to find out!


Credit: ABC Family Photo: Meet Mads' Dad in a Sneak Peek for Season 1, Episode 2: "Being Sutton"