Credit: Bill Records/ABC Family Photo: Thayer vs. Ethan in an Epic Bro-off in Season 1, Episode 6: "Bad Boys Break Hearts"

The Lying Game's Sutton (Alexandra Chando) is one lucky lady! She has two studs vying for her attention and both of them look like Greek gods. Of course, home girl will eventually need to choose between Thayer (Christian Alexander) and Ethan (Blair Redford), but in the meantime, we’ll leave the decision up to you!

Not only does Thayer pull off geek chic, but he has a rock-hard bod to back, back, back, back it up! Seriously, his muscles are almost as big as his brains.

If hot nerds aren’t your thing, fear not! Presenting option number 2: Ethan “Juvie 4 Eva” Whitehorse. This hottie tells it like it is, throws one hell of a right hook, and, we might add, cleans up well in a tux.