Credit: Bill Records/ABC Family Photo: Alec Rybak Grins in Season 1, Episode 2: “Being Sutton”

Adrian Pasdar (Alec Rybak) does a pretty good job looking sinister without the help of the scars that mark face, but we’re not gonna lie — his war injuries definitely add an extra element of villainous appeal.

As we all know, Adrian spends much of his time on The Lying Game lurking in corners, but when he does step into the sun, the scars (which run along the left corner of his mouth up his jaw) are very prominent. Of course, most of the time we’re too busy getting lost in his deep brown eyes to notice them.  

Adrian got his killer scars from a car accident during his freshman year of college (much like our beloved Eduardo, minus the college part). Both his legs were badly injured, and he was wheelchair bound for weeks! Sounds terrible, but maybe Adrian’s injuries were a blessing in disguise. Because of the accident, he turned his attention away from football and became involved in theater productions and acting. Thank goodness — we can’t imagine a world without Daddy Rybak and his cocktails!

Source: People