\'The Originals\' Casts Older Hope, Making Mystic Falls Spin-Off More Likely (UPDATE)
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The Originals

‘The Originals’ Casts Older Hope, Making Mystic Falls Spin-Off More Likely (UPDATE)


UPDATE (7/18/2017 at 4 p.m. ET): TVD and The Originals fans have been chomping at the bit ever since rumors of Hope-based spin-off broke last month.

17-year-old actress Danielle Rose Russell will take on the role after what we can now assume to be a 10-year time jump, per TVGuide.

Read on for more about the reboot that will bring us back to Mystic Falls.


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Original story (6/16/2017 at 12;00 p.m. ET): Get ready, vampire fans. We could be getting a whole lot more of The Vampire Diaries universe real soon.

Mysterious sources have confirmed TVD spin-off The Originals has big plans for little Hope that will set the stage for another spin-off!

Parting is such sweet sorrow… but at least it doesn’t have to last long!


TVD Damon and Sybil

We only just got over the TVD series finale and now it looks like more Mystic Falls goodness is heading our way.


Unnamed sources tell TVLine a major time jump is being planned for The Originals that will age Hope up to her late teens.


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Showrunners are said to be looking for an actress to play the older version of the character.


Rather than become the new Originals protagonist à la Once Upon a Time’s grown up Henry, Hope is rumored to become the focus of her own show entirely.


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Executive producer Julie Plec revealed her hopes for a similar outcome to TVLine in March.


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“I think there are future shows down the line that can be spawned out of this world and could tell good stories,” she said.

“It’s a hope for the future if nothing else.”

Or maybe a Hope for the future?


Julie also gave a cryptic clue to a possible location for a Hope-based spin-off.

“[T]he idea of [Caroline and Alaric’s] school as a safe haven for young supernatural beings certainly has a lot of relevance for Hope.”


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Yep. Mystic Falls!


However, neither The CW nor Warner Brothers Television has issued a comment on the subject.


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Though, Julie herself may have accidentally confirmed this already.

During a conversation with Entertainment Weekly the showrunner cut herself off mid-sentence when talking about the show's future.


"Alaric (Matt Davis) and Caroline (Candice King) are running the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted where Hope Mikael... S—t never mind.”



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If sources are correct, we could expect a time jump to arrive in The Originals' June 23 season finale.


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The Originals airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.