If there’s one thing that The Originals has gotten right so far — although we think they’re pretty much right on with most everything they’ve done so far — is the soundtrack! The first four episodes have been pretty stellar, but Episode 5 (“Sinners and Saints”) definitely hit the nail on the head again.

Given all the drama that was on tonight’s episode of the supernatural show, the music was totally perfect for Klaus and the gang. Check out the tracks below, add them to your playlist ASAP, and then let us know which song was your favorite!

Song: "I Can Only Give You Everything"
Artist: Nick Waterhouse
Scene: Flashback of Sophie partying.

Song: "Devil's Crossing"
 Brutal Jooks
Scene: Klaus and Marcel chill in a bar while Rebekah, Sophie, and Hayley search the bayou.

Song: “You Can’t Be Told”
Artist: Valerie June
Scene: Sophie and Marcel hooking up in the shower.

Song: “Lose Your Head”
Artist: Timothy Brackens

Song: "So Bad"
Artist: J.M. Moore 

Song: "Transistor"
Artist: Jake Zavracky 

Song: "I'm Gonna Break You"
 Lukewarm Freeda

Song: "Fangs"
Artist: Little Red Lung
Scene: Elijah returns home; Hayley slaps him; He tells Klaus, Rebekah & Hayley about Sophie's plans.

Hit the comments and let us know what you thought of the music in tonight's episode!

Source: Vampire Diaries Music on YouTube

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