In last night’s episode of The Originals, Davina (Danielle Campbell) made a game-changing deal with Elijah (Daniel Gillies), but we’re still a little fuzzy on the details. What bargain did the Original vampire in a suit strike with the teenaged witch in Season 1, Episode 5: “Sinners and Saints,” and what are the odds of their alliance lasting?

Elijah’s end of the bargain

What we do know is that Elijah agreed to help Davina learn how to control her immense powers, the combined magical abilities from her three friends who were first sacrificed in the Harvest ritual. Elijah intends to do this by giving Davina the grimoires that belonged to his mother, aka Esther, the witch who created turned her children into the first vampires. Davina, desperate to learn how to control her powers, seemingly agrees to this exchange. Did Elijah promise the witch anything else? Perhaps, some measure of protection? Or even an honorary spot in his family? We doubt he would bestow such an honor on anyone he already has enough siblings to keep track of but the value of Davina’s power is extreme, and might be the key to protecting the Mikaelson miracle baby.

Davina’s end of the bargain

For her part, Davina let Elijah go and tricked Marcel into thinking that she had to stay in the church, therefore keeping her position in the French Quarter. But there has to be more to Davina’s side of the deal, right? When Elijah first presented an alliance, he spoke of Davina and himself teaming up to stop a war between witches and vampires before it had truly begun. What action can Davina take to prevent an all-out battle between the witches and the vampires? She is the thing both sides desperately want. The witches want her so they can kill her, complete the Harvest ritual, and ensure that a) the first three teenaged witches sacrificed will be resurrected and b) that their powers will not fade away. And, the vampires want to keep Davina so that the witches lose all of their power.

How to stop all-out war

From where we stand, possible ways to stop all-out war is for a) Davina to turn herself over to the witches willingly (would Marcel let her go, if it was her choice?), b) for Davina to take out Marcel and/or the witches, or c) to learn how to control her powers so well that she can keep either side from hurting one another. She’s already demonstrated that she has considerable power over both other witches and vampires as powerful as the Original family. If she learns how to harness that power, she will be powerful beyond belief. She can make the French Quarter do whatever she wants (though, that obviously comes with its own set of problems).

This alliance is doomed

We can’t help but feel like this alliance is doomed to fail. If Davina learns how to control her powers, she will no longer need Elijah. Besides, power has a way of corrupting. Conversely, Elijah made it clear to Davina that his family is his first priority. He was so insistent on this fact that it made us suspicious. Was he stressing this point so because he knows that, eventually, he will have to choose between Davina and his fam and when that happens Davina will lose?

What do you think are the details of the deal between Davina and Elijah? Share your theories in the comments below!

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