This week, the television universe is blessing us with another new episode of The Originals Season 1, Episode 9 (“Reigning Pain in New Orleans”). Here’s everything we know so far about tomorrow’s much-anticipated episode.

Awkward dinner party. It seems Klaus hasn’t wasted anytime rearranging the place. In the promo pics and promo for Episode 9, we see Klaus gathered with Hayley, Marcel, and his coerced minion-vamps around an elegant dinner table at the new abode. Very Thanksgiving-esque. Do the Mikaelsons celebrate Thanksgiving?

Klaus is on the hunt. As we see in the promo, Klaus will be organizing a little wolf hunt into the bayou to kill Hayley’s remaining werewolf kin. Harsh. In the promo, Hayley begs Klaus to call it off, telling him, “That’s my family.” An unmoved Klaus tells her, “Not for long.” Well, the family reunion was nice while it lasted, Hay!

Vampire Rescue Squad! Maybe the bayou-dwelling werewolves aren’t as dead as we initially suspected. In the promo, we see Hayley begging Rebekah and Elijah to protect the werewolves from Klaus and his hunt. Though Rebekah looks skeptical, asking, “Do we look like a bloody vampire rescue squad?”, it seems that they might just do what Hayley asks. The promo pictures for the ep show Rebekah and Elijah hanging out in the bayou with some ‘wolves.

Meet new werewolf, Eve. Tuesday’s episode will see the introduction of a brand new werewolf character, Eve (Tasha Ames). We not only see her working some werewolf witchery with Elijah and Rebekah in the promo photos, but she gets a mention in the synopsis, too: “After heading to the bayou, [Rebekah and Elijah] run into a werewolf named Eve, who has information that leads them to a shocking discovery." Is Eve related to Hayley? And will she be sticking around? Phoebe Tonkin told E! Online: "As Hayley finds out more about her family, she's obviously going to want to bring them back and allow them to be free and happy in the Quarters alongside all the other witches and vampires.” Yeah, good luck sneaking them past Marcel and Klaus.

Bromance heart-to-heart. With the alienation of his family members, it seems Klaus is desperate for a good chat. Though he and Marcel may have reunited under tense terms, it seems Klaus will soon be opening up to his siree. According to the synopsis, “Marcel, deeply conflicted by recent events, is surprised when Klaus opens up to him about some of his past indiscretions.” Is this is what’s going down in this well-lit promo shot? Either way, sign us up! We’re always on board with Klaus’ confession scenes. Extra points if JoMo lets loose another tear. (Klaus has a finite amount, you know.)

Woodsy confrontation. We’re intrigued by this promo pic, which shows Rebekah and Diego (Marcel’s fro-wearing minions). In it, Diego is stopping Rebekah’s arm from striking him. (Though, really, we know if Rebekah truly wanted to take Diego out, he wouldn’t stand a chance.) Do these two meet up during the hunt Klaus ordered? Or is Diego there on his own terms? We hope it’s the latter we’d love to see Diego with his own meaty supporting character arc.

Cami uncovers more clues. Meanwhile, Cami is still trying to work out the clues she’s been leaving herself from her compelled-to-be-forgotten sessions with Klaus. Which we think is awesome. According to the synopsis, “Cami tries to make sense of cryptic messages she's come across and is disturbed when she gains some insight into Klaus' past.” As Klaus’s official memoir stenographer, we can only imagine some of the tales she’s been privy to. Klaus’ past is more checkered than the playing boards with which he’s probably used to play Louisiana aristocrats to the death.

Cami and Klaus share an “amazing scene.” It seems Cami’s investigations may lead to the door of the Big, Bad Vamp himself. Joseph Morgan teased “an amazing scene in episode nine, which I’m really proud of.” Any guessed who it takes place between? Yeah, we’re eager to see what this scene may yield, given that Klaus has had few opportunities for the audience to empathize with him. (Though, that teary scene at the end of Season 1, Episode 8: “The River in Reverse” was definitely a contender.)

Finally, the humans get some play. For a show starring humans, The Originals sure does skimp on the human-based characters and storylines. But, it sounds like humanity may be getting more attention this ep! According to the synopsis, “In a surprising turn of events, the human faction takes matters into their own hands, resulting in a violent confrontation.” So, maybe even fewer humans in this show after tomorrow’s episode, then?

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The Originals airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.