The Originals Rebekah Mikaelson (Claire Holt) may just have the worst luck with love out of anyone in the entire Vampire Diaries-verse (especially now that Jeremy can kiss his girlfriend). She’s constantly chasing the wrong guys, and has had her heart broken more times than we can count. Will Marcel Gerard (Charles Michael Davis) the one to break the pattern? Has Rebekah finally found a guy she can trust?

Yes, he has always loved her

Unlike many of the other guys Rebekah has gone for, Marcel and she share a long history. Marcel grew up in the Mikaelson’s New Orleans home after Klaus freed him from a life as a plantation slave and bastard son. But, with his “rescue,” Marcel entered another form of slavery to Klaus. He was educated and kept safe, but at what cost? When Marcel and Rebekah fell in love, Klaus wouldn’t let them be together. We’d like to think that finally winning and keeping Rebekah’s heart has always been one of Marcel’s goals. He plays things pretty close to the chest, but in the flashbacks we’ve seen so far he seemed to genuinely care for Rebekah. Vampires play a long game and, though he let Klaus dagger Rebekah and didn’t shown the spunky vamp much consideration when she first returned, we think that might have more to do with strategy than feelings. In Season 1, Episode 8 (“The River in Reverse”), Marcel showed Rebekah the plans for the house he wanted to build her. We think Rebekah may have finally found a winner.

No, he let her dessicate for years

The counter argument would be that it isn’t Marcel’s unfeeling vampire leader persona that is a front, but the hopeless romantic side he showed in Episode 8. We hate to say it, but his interest in Rebekah could have been all part of his strategy to take down Klaus. After all, Rebekah was an ideal ally in the pursuit for power. This theory is backed up by the fact that Marcel not only let Rebekah get daggered by Klaus, but left her to dessicate for 52 years. This is a terrible, terrible offense, in our eyes. This proves that, at least then, Marcel craved power and immortality over love. So much so that he didn’t even try to save Rebekah from her half-century slumber. There’s also a chance that Marcel is still interested in Cami, as evidenced by this sneak peek for tonight’s episode. Basically, Marcel is going to have to work hard to earn our trust even if he’s already gained Rebekah’s.

Maybe he can’t trust her

There’s another angle to this precarious love affair: what if Marcel can’t trust Rebekah? Though Bekah betrayed Klaus to team up with Marcel, she was desperately repentful for the action. We see her confessing her crimes to Father Kiernan. It also ended badly. We’re not sure, if push came to shove, if Rebekah would make the same choice again. There’s also the miracle baby to consider. Even if Rebekah didn’t choose Marcel over Klaus, she would probably choose Klaus’s unborn child over Marcel. When she teamed up with Marcel this time, she made it absolutely clear that no one would harm the child. If Marcel decides that baby is the key to a power play, we think Rebekah would ditch, trick, or betray him without blinking.

Do you think Rebekah can trust Marcel? Do you think Marcel can trust Rebekah? Does this love story stand a chance? Sound off in the comments below!

The next episode of The Originals airs Tuesday, December 3, at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.