We're well into The Originals' first season, and by this point we have a pretty good sense of the major players in the fight for New Orleans. While we're sure the show will eventually introduce us to plenty of new, intriguing characters (especially if it stays on air as long as we hope it does, aka for many seasons to come), we think it's high time to step back and evaluate the current crop of characters on one very important metric — hotness!

Using a highly scientific scale that combines facial features, banging-ness of bod, character personality, and a heavy dose of personal preference, we've generated our picks for the eight hottest guys from The Originals.

We're sure plenty of you will take issue with our choices and order, so read through our picks and then sound off with your own opinions in the comments below!

8. Tim (Shane Coffey)

So far, Tim has only been in one episode, but we're hoping he'll be back at some point, because Davina deserves a little happiness. A romance with a nice guy with great hair and killer talent might be exactly the thing to take her mind off the crazy mess that her life has become.

7. Kieran (Todd Stashwick)

For those who like their men a little older, Kieran is quite a delight. He's handsome, strong willed, and brave enough to stands up to vampires. That? Is definitely very sexy.

6. Diego (Eka Darville)

Marcel's loyal henchman could find himself at the wrong end of the stake if he keeps making his distaste for the Originals clear, which would be a real shame because he's very, very easy on the eyes.

5. Josh (Steven Krueger)

Josh is more "adorable" than "smoking hot," but every show needs at least one sweet, cute guy to round out the cast, and this vamp certainly fills the role well. His friendship with Davina is totally charming, which just makes him more attractive.

4. Thierry (Callard Harris)

Now that Klaus has copped to totally screwing Marcel's right hand man over, we're hoping Marcel will renege on keeping his bestie locked up in The Garden for 100 years, because this vamp is hella hot. The fact that he's a musician is just icing on the sexy cake.

3. Marcel (Charles Michael Davis)

Charles Michael Davis's face is basically perfection in human form, and Marcel's complexity just adds to the attraction. A semi-doomed romance with Rebekah? His intense history with Klaus? Swoon. On most shows he'd easily top our list, which just tells you how smokin' the Mikaelson men are.

2. Klaus (Joseph Morgan)

The accent. The eyes. The smile. The smoldering intensity. The terrifying anger. The rare moments of softness and regret. The show's Powers That Be didn't make Klaus the leading man of this spin-off for nothing.

1. Elijah (Daniel Gillies)

If this were The Vampire Diaries, we'd rank Klaus above Elijah. In fact, we did rank Klaus above Elijah, by a big margin (hey, he was never given the screentime he deserved!). But on The Originals Elijah has upped the hotness ante thanks to the killer combo of gentlemanly romantic restraint with Hayley and BAMF moments, like killing Agnes in anger. Let's be real: He's basically perfect boyfriend material.

Who do you think the hottest guy on the show is? Let us know in the comments below!

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