Homicidal hybrid Klaus (Joseph Morgan) doesn’t seem like the type for pensive self-reflection, but that doesn’t mean he should miss making some New Year’s resolutions! Especially given that the dubious Originals character has some lofty goals. Here are five resolutions we think Klaus should make for 2014.

Be kinder to his siblings

We’ll start small: Perhaps, Klaus could practice not biting his siblings. From there, we’ll move onto breaking those bad habits of emotionally manipulating Rebekah and Elijah and hurting, killing, and maiming the people they love. We think this would improve Klaus’s life exponentially. Plus, we want to get more vampire book club meetings.

Make peace with Hayley

What the heck, Klaus? You need to stop being a jerk to the mother of your unborn child. It’s not going to end well. Right now, Hayley loathes Klaus, which does not bode well for the Mikaelson family future. If these two don’t work things out so that they are on civil terms, then we seriously worry about the future of the miracle baby. Might we suggest that Klaus starts by rescinding the order to kill all of Hayley’s extended family.

Explore his roots

We’re super intrigued by the possibility that Klaus’s werewolf family might be hanging in the bayou. Though Klaus seems to want nothing to do with them, we think that he secretly yearns to learn more about them. We’re not sure if anything could ever make up for the emotional (and physical) abuse Mikael wrought on Klaus, but finding his biological father’s family or maybe even his biological father himself might be a chance for Klaus to heal the wounds, and finally find the acceptance he seems unable to allow from Elijah and Rebekah.

Finish his memoir

Can we please have more memoir-writing scenes? Thanks. We’ve loved watching Klaus dictate his life story to Cami. Plus, we think it could be a good chance for Klaus to take some serious stock on the choices he’s made and who is really at fault for his unhappiness. Extra points if he types it himself instead of dragging Cami back into it. She does not seem amiable to returning to her job as Klaus’s dedicated stenographer.

Apologize to Tyler

It’s actually kind of insane to think about how this would even go down, but Tyler has totally legitimate reasons for wanting Klaus to suffer. Klaus killed his mother, aka the only remaining member of his family. Sure, he did it in retaliation for Tyler taking the hybrids away from him, but still not cool. Maybe it is totally unreasonable to expect Klaus to genuinely apologize to Tyler, but we think it is a good goal not to mention something that might move things along in the Klaroline department.

What do you think Klaus’s New Year’s resolutions should be? Sound off in the comments below!

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