The Vampire Diaries cast is pretty much one big happy, crazy, ridiculous family. But just like with all the other happy, crazy, ridiculous families out there, there’s always someone in the bunch you prefer to the rest.

Recently teaming up with, Originals star Claire Holt revealed her favorite co-stars from her time on the show. “My favorite male cast member was Paul Wesley,” she divulged. “He is such a riot, he’s so hilarious. People don’t know that about him. He’s just so funny. And really talented. He was one of my best friends when I was working on that show.”

So, does that mean Claire approves of Paul’s relationship with her bestie, Phoebe Tonkin? We certainly hope so, since rumor has it the couple have been shopping for apartments together in NYC!

When asked about her favorite female castmate, Claire doesn’t skip beat. “Candice Accola,” she reveals. “She is like the greatest friend you could ever have. She’s so loyal, she’s so fun! She is like [her character] Caroline on the show. No, it’s a toss up. Kat [Graham] and Candice. It’s a tie!”

Of course, fans of The Vampire Diaries won’t forget that Candice and Kat are both planning their nuptials for this upcoming year. Perhaps they’ve tapped Claire as a bridesmaid? It certainly wouldn’t be the first TVDer involved in the ceremonies. Rumor has it Kat wants executive producer Julie Plec to officiate her wedding!

What do you think of Claire’s favorite co-stars? Are you surprised she didn’t choose Ian and Nina?