Claire Holt rocks it as badass vampire Rebekah Mikaelson on The Originals, but is Claire as edgy in real life? Well, she may not have any diabolical plans to take over NOLA, but the Aussie actress does have a tattoo. She spilled the details of her ink to Just Jared, along with the answer to whether she would ever consider getting another.

Claire revealed to the gossip site that she does, indeed, have one tattoo: the word “gratitude” written on her foot. What was her reason for getting the tat? “I really love the idea of it and I also, was 19-years-old,” Claire confessed with a laugh. “And I may not have gotten this tattoo if I was a little older and thought it through, but I think it’s a nice sentiment.”

As for whether The Originals star would ever consider getting another, Claire answered: “If it was a little more meaningful, I think, probably. Maybe if I had kids or something.”

Yeah, we think Claire has plenty to be grateful about — and, since we get to see Claire snark every week on The Originals — so do we!

Are you surprised to hear Claire has a tattoo? Did you know this isn’t the first time Claire and Phoebe have shared the screen? Sound off in the comments below!

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