On the most recent episode of The Originals, Sophie (Daniella Pineda) met a tragic end at the hands of her own niece, Monique yet another main character killed in the show’s first season. Basically, no character’s head is safe from these television writers’ chopping block. Who will be the next to die? Here are our five likeliest victims.

Father Kieran

Our money is on human peacemaker Father Kieran. He was hexed on the most recent episode with the same spell that sent his nephew on a murder/suicide run. We think Klaus bought him a bit of time with his compulsion, but he seems like a ticking bomb. We have a theory that Father Kieran will off himself before he hurts anyone else, leaving Cami to play peacekeeper amongst the supernatural factions of the French Quarter.


We know Genevieve isn’t exactly the most central of characters, but she’s become quite a mainstay in recent episodes. She knows the secret Marcel and Rebekah have been keeping from Klaus for the past century: that they lured Mikael to town to drive Klaus away. Next episode, we’ll see her torturing Rebekah and Klaus in an abandoned mental hospital. Our prediction? Klaus kills her, but not before she causes him even greater pain by exposing Rebekah and Marcel’s secret.


Does anyone else find Diego a likely victim? He’s basically Klaus’ front line soldier, sent out on dangerous mission after dangerous mission. The only thing that’s keeping this dude alive narrative-wise is the fact that his death wouldn’t have much of an impact as we don’t really know his character. But, beware, if he ever gets his own “B” plot in an episode, you can assume he will be dead before that hour’s up.


Hayley’s werewolf betrothed is safe for at least a few episodes, as the crescent clan werewolves only turn human on the full moon. But we can’t help but think this hunky werewolf who watches over Hayley is living on borrowed time. If only because Elijah is a jealous sort. Did you see him hesitate to save Jackson from the burning plantation? His nobility has its limits, you know. If Jackson happens to find his life on the line again, we’re not sure if Elijah would chose to rescue him a second time.


We know, we know: she just came back from the dead, but the pawns never make it through an entire season. Right now, Monique doesn’t have much of a character past her role as the witches’ loyal, homicidal believer. It’s hard to imagine how Monique’s character will be able to come back from the murder of her own aunt. And, let’s face it, this town is only big enough for one teenaged witch and that witch is Davina.

Who do you think will be the next to die? Share your theories in the comments below!

The Originals returns on Tuesday, February 25 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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