It’s been a rough season for Thierry, aka Marcel’s former right-hand vamp on The Originals. He was quasi-framed by Klaus, sent to rot in The Garden, then set loose by Rebekah only for his new ally to promptly be vamp-napped by a powerful man-witch. Last time we saw him, Rebekah was reaming him out for ditching her as soon as things got rough, promptly followed by a neck-snap delivered courtesy of Elijah. See what we mean? He’s not having the best year ever. But have we seen the last of him?

Nope! According to TVLine, the cap-wearing vampire hasn’t outlived his usefulness. Executive producer Julie Plec told the site that Thierry will be back later this season, and he might “come in handy to one of our characters.” Good for him! Well, maybe. It sounds like he might be coerced into cooperating with one of our faves. But which one? Obviously, Klaus is our go-to suspect whenever coercion is involved. Might he need Thierry’s help with the witches? The vampire spend quite some time in the community, as his lady love was one of them. (You know, before Klaus plotted her death.) Given that there is a much-talked about witch versus vampire war on, knowledge of the witch community might come in handy.

Or is it the other side that is commandeering Thierry’s help? Given the fact that Team Klaus was responsible for Thierry’s girlfriend’s death, as well as Thierry’s imprisonment, we can’t imagine the vampire is itching to enlist — at least on their side. If he know something about the witch community, he knows everything about the vampire one. After all, he was Marcel’s BFF before Klaus phased him out. He could cause some serious damage to Team Klaus if the right opportunity presented itself. If not with the witches, then with the werewolves. Klaus has no shortage of enemies.

Are you glad to hear Thierry will be back? Who do you think he will be making himself useful to? Sound off in the comments below!

The Originals returns on Tuesday, February 25 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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