On the most recent episode of The Originals, Elijah was faced with the ultimate Sophie’s Choice: Hayley or his siblings? When the witches gave him this deadly ultimatum, Elijah chose to save Hayley (and her unborn child) over his siblings, Klaus and Rebekah. Seeing how the Mikaelsons are immortal Originals, we think Elijah made the right decision, but that doesn’t mean he won’t feel wracked with guilt when The Originals returns with Season 1, Episode 14.

“There is a guilt [and] shame attached to that," executive producer Julie Plec told TVGuide.com. "It definitely drives him hard to rescue his siblings in the next episode and to try to pull the family back together even as it's under assault." And it looks like he’ll turn toward Marcel and Hayley for help.

Based on the synopsis for the episode (“Long Way Back From Hell”), we know that elder witch Genevieve has locked Rebekah up in the sanatorium where she worked back in 1919. It sounds like this is where Rebekah recruited the witch's powers to help her and Marcel track down Mikael. Will Rebekah be forced to relive the betrayal? And will Marcel knowingly lead Elijah there if he knows it will expose their dark secret? Meanwhile, Bastianna has Klaus in a very vulnerable position.

Unfortunately, to add more obstacles to Elijah’s rescue mission, the Original family won't just be battling witches. The werewolves will join the battle for power in the French Quarter in the latter half of the season.

Yikes! It sounds like things are about to get messy in the bayou, and we couldn’t be more excited to see what’s to come.

Catch this episode of The Originals when it returns on Tuesday, February 25 at 8 p.m. ET.

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