The Real Housewives of Atlanta Power Rankings Season 3 Reunion, Part 2
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Power Rankings Season 3 Reunion, Part 2

After a roller coaster season, the Atlanta Housewives joined Andy Cohen for the second part of the big reunion. Let's see how they made out, as we rank The Real Housewives of Atlanta for the Season 3 Reunion, Part 2. Let the countdown begin!


Ranking: 6 (out of 6)

Previous Ranking: 6 (out of 6)

Gossip, Girl: Even though she was given a chance at the end of the hour to seem more human and maybe wish Kim well, NeNe continued her hurricane of hate, moping like a brat. So disappointing! She also tried to desperately bully Shereé into trashing Kim with her, which didn't really work. Embarrassing. And, what's with not knowing whether or not your kid is having a baby? That was weird, and frankly, we find it a little sad that NeNe doesn't want to be her children's friend. Just sayin'.
Next up: Harassing Star Jones on Celebrity Apprentice — will the Donald put NeNe in her place?


Ranking: 5 (out of 6)

Previous Ranking: 4 (out of 6)

Gossip, Girl: Not a good night for Shereé. Not only did we find out that her big movie break is pretty much nonexistent — since we all know what "still looking for funding" means — Shereé's explanation of what really happened to her Aston Marti was downright stupid. All she really did was confirm that she paid for her fancy car in full before she bothered to take care of her debt. Yeah, that's still pretty bad.
Next up: Revamping She by Shereé... um, why?


Ranking: 4 (out of 6)

Previous Ranking: 5 (out of 6)

Gossip, Girl: Wow, was Kandi an emotional mess at this reunion or what? Of course, it's hard to blame her, with the way things are going. First, Riley's relationship with her father is still on the outs. Then, she finally breaks down and shows how hurt she really is over the financial situation with Kim. On the upside, at least Kandi's finally getting some much-needed action in the bedroom!
Next up: Starting her own line of sex toys... Kandi Koated Kink? Awesome!


Ranking: 3 (out of 6)

Previous Ranking: 2 (out of 6)

Gossip, Girl: While we liked Kim's take on parenthood, which includes being both a friend and an authority figure to your children, Kim totally bombed on the whole financial front with Kandi. Really, how can she not know how much money she's made? The woman is obsessed with money. Nobody's buying that story. Then, she had to ask Andy to repeat himself like a zillion times... um, stalling much?
Next up: Wig launch and motherhood — yay!


Ranking: 2 (out of 6)

Previous Ranking: 1 (out of 6)

Gossip, Girl: Even though we still weren't quite following Phaedra's version of mathematics, at least the Southern belle finally admitted that, yes, she was already pregnant when she and Apollo got hitched. Once again, Phaedra handled herself quite nicely throughout the evening, always keeping her voice calm and controlled, unlike some other — ahem, NeNe! — Housewives.
Next up: Purchasing a funeral home — WTF!


Ranking: 1 (out of 6)

Previous Ranking: 3 (out of 6)

Gossip, Girl: This was a bit of a no news is good news situation, as Cynthia managed to stay out of the spotlight for most of the hour. When she did speak, her comments were relevant and fun. We loved when she told Phaedra that she didn't realize asking a pregnant woman her due date was an invasive question. Cynthia also expressed her gratitude for Noelle's father and demonstrated her ability to laugh at herself when she volunteered to write up a friendship contract for Kandi and Kim. In short, she was composed, sane, and lighthearted... so rare in Housewife-dom.
Next up: Opening up her own modeling school — fierce!

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