Watch The Rock Hilariously Break Down His Wrestling Debut (VIDEO)
Dwayne Johnson, The Rock
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Watch The Rock Hilariously Break Down His Wrestling Debut (VIDEO)


Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is currently the highest paid actor in Hollywood, but most fans know he began his career in entertainment as a professional wrestler.

The Ballers star looks back at his wrestling debut in a new video on his YouTube channel, and let's just say he has some critiques. 

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The match in question is from the WWE Survivor Series in Madison Square Garden nearly 20 years ago on November 17, 1996. The then-24-year-old wrestled under the name "Rocky Maivia" and sported some pretty interesting fashion choices.

"I'm so hyped up, I'm so excited, and I got a f—king Chia Pet on my head as a haircut," the 44-year-old jokes while watching his energetic and pineapple-haired entrance.

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He also pokes fun at how he meant to point to the TV camera upon entering, but instead pointed to nothing as the camera shot his back.

"Alright, so I jump into the top row like I'm a bad son-of-a-b—h, and I literally point... I think I'm pointing to what's called the 'hard cam,' and I'm literally pointing to nothing," he explains.

But it wasn't all joking. The Rock fondly remembered the crowd during his match, as he recalls how 22,000 fans spontaneously began chanting his name even though they were seeing him for the first time.

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He won the match, and has pretty much been on a 20-year winning streak in his career ever since. Now if only he'd bring back that old hairstyle.