E!’s The Royals “Makes Gossip Girl Look Like a Disney Movie,” Say Its Stars
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E!’s The Royals “Makes Gossip Girl Look Like a Disney Movie,” Say Its Stars

With our propensity to obsess over the royals, it’s sort of surprising that a show about the British monarchy hasn’t already been made. But at last, the network that brought us America’s version of royalty — Keeping Up With the Kardashians, whether you like it or not — has finally rounded up all that potential drama in its upcoming first scripted series, The Royals.

Sadly, we still have a few months to wait until the hour-long drama premieres in early 2015, but luckily Wetpaint Entertainment was able to catch up recently with two of its stars live from their London set. Alexandra Park (party girl Princess Eleanor) and Tom Austen (her new bodyguard Jasper) gave us all the scoop on the soapy new series, including “badass” queen Elizabeth Hurley, those pesky Gossip Girl comparisons, and why Prince Harry just isn’t edgy enough to guest star.

Read on for all the juicy new details!

E!’s The Royals “Makes Gossip Girl Look Like a Disney Movie,” Say Its Stars
Credit: E!    

On getting character tips from royal insiders...

Alexandra Park: We’re not imitating the actual Royal Family. In terms of what’s right on set, and costuming, things like that… Elizabeth is pretty amazing for all that stuff. For example, William [who plays Prince Liam] was wearing a black tie the other day and she was like, ‘You can’t wear a black tie because that’s only for funerals.’ She knows all those things. She’s pretty good with the royal protocol.

Tom Austen: Elizabeth is one stage removed from royalty herself. If we have questions, we ask her a lot. They also brought in a royal advisor — a guy who’s a journalist who’s a royal correspondent for a lot of things. So he’s very close with the royal family and close to that world. He’s been on-set.

On comparisons to the Gossip Girl...

TA: This show makes Gossip Girl look like a Disney movie. They’ve got nothing on us.

AP: You’ll see a lot of parties and after-parties and after-after-after-parties, and the gray areas in between the parties. It’s all just painted like a diamond. It’s like Gossip Girl on… something.

On a potential romance between Jasper and Eleanor...

TA: You’ll have to watch and found out.

AP: Yeah, we can’t give that away.

E!’s The Royals “Makes Gossip Girl Look Like a Disney Movie,” Say Its Stars
Credit: E!    

On their dream hang out with the real royals...

TA: I wouldn’t want to go to a fancy party, I’d go out and get drunk with them for sure.

AP: Maybe some gin on a rooftop with some tapas and close friends.

On what kind of queen Elizabeth Hurley plays...

TA: You’re going to see a queen in Elizabeth unlike any other queen you’ve ever seen before. I also think a much cooler one — definitely a hotter one. She’s genuinely way more badass. You’ll see that she’s younger and she’s hotter. With that, sex is power. Elizabeth is very sexy. She — and her character the queen — are not afraid to use it.

AP: She’s just wickedly delicious, in every way.

On whether the Royal Family is aware of the show...

TA: Prince Harry texted me a couple of weeks ago and said that he’s super stoked. [Laughs]

AP: I just saw him last night. He was just asking how it was all going and if he could maybe do a guest star on the show. He’s not edgy enough for the show. So they’re aware.

On what makes each other’s characters sexy...

TA: I think there’s a mystery about both of these characters. I think mystery is always sexy. Having everything handed to you on a plate is never what anyone really wants. I don’t think these characters give each other anything for free. That in itself is pretty sexy.

The Royals will premiere in early 2015 on E!

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