Credit: Pierre Toussaint via InStyle Australia Photo: Phoebe Tonkin in Camilla and Marc for InStyle Australia, March 2012

Get to know Phoebe Tonkin, the brunette beauty behind The Secret Circle’s resident mean girl, Faye Chamberlain.

1. She’s from Down Under. Raised in Sydney, Tonkin made her first television appearance in the Australian teen show H2O: Just Add Water as mermaid Cleo Sertori. Listen to her accent:

2. She models on the side. Phoebe, who’s a leggy 5-foot-10, has taken part in photo shoots for various catalogues and magazines:

3. She has a background in Shakespearean drama. Phoebe attended Queenwood School in Balmoral, which is known for its excellent drama department. Each year she participated in the school's Shakespeare festival, ultimately winning the 2005 state final in A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Credit: Twitter Photo: The Secret Circle's Phoebe Tonkin Plays With Her Sister in Old Family Photo

4. She hates flying. Phoebe films The Secret Circle in Vancouver, BC, a far ways away from her childhood home in Australia. Phoebe tells Teen Vogue if she could have one super power, it would be to fly, because she loathes airplanes. And now that Phoebe's also living in Los Angeles part-time, she's going to be living the nonstop jet-setting life of an It Girl actress.

5. Faye Chamberlain was inspired by Cruel Intentions and The O.C. Faye Chamberlain's snark was culled from repeat viewings of Cruel Intentions, Phoebe says. It was Sarah Michelle Gellar's character, Katherine, that largely inspired Phoebe's delivery on The Secret Circle. "Her repressed sexuality, that kind of very conrolled mannerisms, and things like that. [Her mannerisms] definitely influenced my portrayal." Also: Phoebe learned how to speak with an American accent from watching reruns of The O.C., she tells Nylon