Credit: Phoebe Tonkin's Twitter Photo: Phoebe Tonkin Rides a Broom on The Secret Circle Set

Brooms have a long history in witchlore. Just look at Harry Potter. Until now, The Secret Circle’s magic has involved herbs and crystals and a notable lack of wands. It helps keep the Hogwarts comparisons to a minimum, but a photo tweeted by Phoebe Tonkin (Faye Chamberlain) is making us wonder if that’s changing.

“Omg spoiler alert,” she wrote along with a snap of her riding a broom. Executive producer Andrew Miller responded, “Is @1PhoebeJTonkin the hottest Quidditch player of all time? (that was a rhetorical question).” Um, well, duh, and also, WTF? As much as we’d like to see the Circle get their snitch on, this might be a little over the top.

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