You'd think Cassie (Britt Robertson) and Diana (Shelley Hennig) would be happy about their long-lost sib status, but apparently The Secret Circle Season 1, Episode 20, “Traitor” is going to be like The Parent Trap all over again.

Diana and Cassie just aren't seeing eye-to eye about their black magic — mostly because Cassie keeps killing people with the strange guttural noises that come out of her throat. 

In this clip courtesy of, Diana confronts Cassie about how many people she's murdered, but Cassie insists that she's just protecting her friends. Whatever, Dirty Di, you nearly killed Adam (Thomas Dekker) that time you shoved whipped cream down his throat, so don't judge.

Who else thinks these two need to take a few lessons from Tia and Tamra's School Of Hard Knocks?


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Credit: YouTube Photo: Secret Circle Spoiler Scene for Season 1, Episode 20, “Traitor”: Cassie vs. Diana