Credit: Sergi Bachlakov/The CW ©2012 The CW Network Photo: Ethan and Adam Face Off With John Blackwell in Season 1, Episode 15: “Return”

Phew, everyone. Phew. After weeks of worrying that The Secret Circle's resident hottie, Adam Harrington (Ethan Conant), was leaving our favorite show forever, we can finally rest easy.

Back in March, Adam tweeted that he was "Off to Chicago for @bermanjosh rob wright #Fox pilot," which had us Drunk Dad fans on the floor in tears. As much as we want Adam to make it big in La La Land,The Secret Circle just wouldn't be the same without his unbuttoned flannel shirts.

Luckily, Adam took it to twitter to confirm that he didn’t permanently leave Chance Harbor for Josh Berman's untitled medical drama: "No worries TSC fans. Twas a Guest Star."

Thank the stars above; now we can rest easy.

Source: Twitter

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