Credit: CWTV Photo: Which Secret Circle Couple Do You Ship: Cadam or Jassie?

There’s a new stud in town, ladies, and he has his eyes on the prize: Cassie “I Swear I’m Actually Unpopular” Blake (Britt Robertson)!

The only problem? Cassie’s spoken for by Chance Harbor’s very own Bright Eyes impersonator, Adam Conant (Thomas Dekker). So now that Jake’s back in town vying for Cassie’s attention, the time has come to ask the age old question: Who do you ship?

Let’s not forget that Cadam (Cassie + Adam) are fated to be together. The stars say so, and the town drunk reminds us, like, every five minutes. The tension between these two is so explosive it actually has the power to explode things, and they eye-sex so often we’re surprised Cassie isn’t knocked up yet.

But then there’s Jassie (Jake + Cassie). Together, they look like Ken and Barbie, and don’t even get us started on their flirtatious convo about being all alone in the world. Adam might have rescued Cassie from a fiery Subaru Outback, but Jake saved her from an anarchist witch hunter. Which is more heroic? You decide!

You tell us: Do you ship Cadam or Jassie?