Credit: Michael Courtney/The CW ©2012 The CW Network Photo: Jake and Cassie in Season 1, Episode 18: “Sacrifice”

At first, Jake Armstrong (Chris Zylka) seemed perfect. He was all shirtless moments and flirty stares. Then he turned into a casual murderer, killing Calvin for pretty much no reason in The Secret Circle Season 1, Episode 7, “Masked.” Manwitches! Although Jake was able to keep his deadly past under wraps for a few episodes, John Blackwell’s (Joe Lando) fake fever caused the V-neck wearing stud to sweat profusely and hallucinate ghosts.

In the end, Jake spilled the details to Adam (Thomas Dekker) and Cassie (Britt Robertson). Now that the Circle knows the truth, will they ever be able to forgive him? Let’s not forget, Cassie’s taken down her fair share of bad guys. Maybe she and Jake will bond over what it’s like to kill someone now that she and Adam are dunzo?

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