Credit: John Shearer/Getty Images For Pandora Jewelry Photo: Phoebe Tonkin Smirks at the 2011 Women in Film Crystal + Lucy Awards on June 16, 2011

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Those of you who have already downloaded The Secret Circle pilot know that we’re in for a fantastic season of witchy adventures – especially when it comes to the power struggle between Faye and Cassie!

In a recent interview, Britt Robertson gave Fearnet the scoop on an upcoming episode where Cass and her frenemy join forces and take their powers to the next level. “The episode that we just finished was really cool. Cassie and Faye, Phoebe Tonkin’s character, they have sort of a night together where they experiment in the world of witchcraft a little bit, and things get extremely out of hand.”

Britt adds, “It was so much fun to shoot because I rarely get scenes with Phoebe, and we get along so well. But also we just got to do a lot of cool stuff, like our own stunts and cool green-screen effects and all that jazz. They were really fun sequences.”

Wow, we can’t wait to see Britt and Faye on a power trip! If their scene involves stunts and green-screen effects it’s bound to cast a spell on us!

Source: Fearnet