So, it looks like Adam (Thomas Dekker) might be a dark magic super lord. In this riveting sneak peek from The Secret Circle Season 1 finale (sob, looks like we made it!), Adam, Jake (Chris Zylka), and Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) creep around the boatyard suffering magical heart palpitations until Jake can't take it any longer. Dude must save lady lives!

Of course, Adam isn't one to risk his eyelashes for Faye (Phoebe Tonkin), so he uses his newly renewed solo magic to send Jake flying through the air. Woah there; since when does Adam have the ability to do anything but wave his hands around while miming a cloaking spell? Color us impressed.

More importantly, if Adam has solo powers, what does this mean for the rest of the gang? Tune into The Secret Circle's finale to find out!


Credit: YouTube Photo: Secret Circle Spoiler Scene for Season 1, Episode 22, “Family”: Adam Mind-Chokes a Stud

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