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Doesn't it seem like just a few weeks ago that you tapped your ruby slippers and were transported to the wonderful world of The Secret Circle? This witchy drama has quickly become our favorite show on TV (no offense, TVD), but its first season will be over in a blink of a mascara-laced eye!

So, what can fans expect from the epic finale? "On one hand we’re going to answer the mythological question of what happened 16 years ago and we are going to explore finally, why it's so important in terms of what’s happening in present day events," executive producer Andrew Miller tells The Hollywood Reporter. "Of course there’s always more to it than we think."

The real question is, can we expect a cliffhanger that will leave us on the edge of our broomsticks until next fall? "There is a cliffhanger element," Andrew confirms. "What we really want to satisfy for the people who enjoy the show is in the beginning we wanted to take Cassie (Britt Robertson) and the audience on this emotional journey starting from a regular person without any magic and suffering the death of your only family to discovering a new family, but one not of her choosing and one that’s complicated. Now that another piece of her family comes into play (referring to Blackwell), the conflict of those two things and where Cassie comes out at end of it emotionally is very cool."

To put it simply: We can't wait! 

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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