Credit: Twitter Photo: Chris Zylka, Lucy Hale, and Thomas Dekker Get Cute at Coachella

Coachella: A terrifying place where celebrities think it's socially acceptable to wander around in tie-dye and fringe. If we've learned one thing from this desert concert series, it's that famous people shouldn't be allowed at events with "festival" in the title — unless their names are Thomas Dekker, Chris Zylka, and Lucy Hale.

The Secret Circle and Pretty Little Liars stars took Coachella by storm this year, and we have photographic evidence of their amazing outfits. Zylks seems to be sporting his signature man-tank, this time accessorized with a beaded necklace and jaunty sunglasses. Dekks appears to be wearing a tank-top/hoodie (always a good choice), with a sporty elastic headband that screams "I was made in the '80s." Of course, Lucy has the boho thing down pat.

No words can describe how happy this photo makes us, but Lucy Hale's face pretty much sums it up.

Source: Twitter 

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