Credit: CWTV Photo: Chris Zylka as Jake Armstrong on The Secret Circle

We're slightly traumatized at the prospect of seeing our onscreen boyfriend, Chris Zylka, with a shaved head, but we can't wait for his appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man this summer! Chris plays Peter Parker's biggest frenemy, Flash Thompson, and he's eager to get the press ball rolling.  

"The press for Spider-Man plus Piranha 3DD comes out June 1st," Chris tells "And I'm honestly just a huge comic book fan in the first place, so this summer will be heaven for comic book fans. So just as a fan, all these comic book movies coming out in the first place is kind of taking my mind off things a little bit. Like, oh God, The Dark Knight Rises! I am so pumped." Aw, what a cute little comic book geek!

So, what can we expect from Chris' big blockbuster debut?

"All I can tease about that is that the big difference, in my opinion, from Sam Raimi’s version, is that Marc Webb’s seems a little more character-driven," Chris tells Entertainment Weekly, "and you will care for each and every character a bit more. Instead of just caring about Peter Parker and Spider-Man, you get close to each and every one.” 

We mostly just want to get close to Flash; let's be honest.

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Credit: YouTube Photo: Watch The Secret Circle's Chris Zylka Bully Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man