Credit: Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Welcome to the future, Dekker Dreamers: A brand new world where people write "0" instead of "O". The Secret Circle's very own Thomas Dekker (Adam Conant) is one of a handful artists to pioneer Zero Times Zero (0x0), an art collective that covers fashion, music, video art, and performance. In a word, amazing.

Thomas and Zero Times Zero have just completed their first album "Equals Zero" — a "dark synth ridden blend of rock, techno and rhythmic orchestral written and produced solely by the collective."

Thomas recently tweeted that he and his homies "intend to challenge the current conventions of pop while keeping their personal identities cloaked in mystery," which again, sounds amazing. Although, note to Thomas: Twitter is not all that secretive.   

If Thomas' new project has piqued your interest (how could it not?) follow Zero Times Zero on Twitter, where you can look out for links to their music. Even better? Zero Times Zero is playing a show at The Viper Room in West Hollywood, and tickets are only $15. This is your chance to bask in Dekk's beautiful lashes, so we suggest you nab a ticket before they sell out!

Source: Twitter / Twitter / The Viper Room


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