Credit: Michael Courtney/The CW ©2012 The CW Network Photo: James, Amelia, Cassie, and Diana in Season 1, Episode 21: “Prom”

This week's Secret Circle quotes were all about pregnancy pacts, demon worms, and night fever. Check out the top 10 zingers from the episode — they might even help you through the mourning process. RIP times two, Nick (Louis Hunter)!

10. Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) throws major shade at Nick: "He definitely seems more into massacring people than he used to."
What-ever, Faye. No one understands Nick like we do.

9. Blackwell stays clear of Change Harbor High: "I can't be caught roaming around the halls."
Is it really a surprise that Blackwell's on a Town Pervert list?

8. Faye watches Jake (Chris Zylka) unleash a dagger: "Woah, what have you got there, Rambo?"
We're shocked, too. Mostly because we expected Jake to have a shiv.

7. Charles (Gale Harold) greets Diana (Shelley Hennig): "I made my world famous grilled cheese sandwiches."
Cooked with a fresh batch of tears, no doubt.

6. Faye eye-rolls at the Circle: "Okay, for a bunch of witches, the magic of prom is obviously lost on you."
Clearly, they didn't spend enough time looking at the giant sign at Chance Harbor that said "PROM."

5. Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) comes to Nick's defense: "Nick's not a psycho."
Faye: "Yeah, well, demon-challenged."
Never come between a man and his inchworm lover.

4. Flashback Amelia drops a truth bomb about Blackwell: "The six girls who got pregnant in my circle? He made that happen."
Oh Blackwell, you stud you. Impregnating teenage witches like it's your job.

3. Faye side-eyes Jake: "You’ve got that look."
Jake: "What look?"
Faye: "That look like you're about to invade a small country with nothing but your tortured soul."
It's called Death By Stud Gaze.
2. Grant mocks Adam (Thomas Dekker): "Who's the lucky guy? The little guy from the boathouse?"
How dare you mock Adam! Actually, nevermind. Go for it.

1. Faye brings the LOLs: "I knew I should have brought demon-chasing shoes!"
This girl can always be counted on for a laugh. 


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