Behind his sun-narrowed, bewitching eyes, we can’t tell what John Blackwell (Joe Lando) is thinking. He’s an international witch of mystery. In The Secret Circle Season 1, Episode 17, “Curse,” he basically made Adam (Thomas Dekker) and Cassie (Britt Robertson) believe they were dirty, witch-murdering sinners for having the sex.

But it was all a lie! He’s one powerful manwitch, but he claimed to be protecting them. Apparently back in the day Ethan Conant (Adam Harrington) and Amelia were going to run away together, and that’s why the Circle got dead. (At least, according to Blackwell, who’s proven to be a total liar.)

But if it is true, and it will keep the Circle safe, was it worth it to lie to Cassie and Adam?
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