Credit: Michael Courtney/The CW ©2012 The CW Network Photo: Jake, Diana, and Cassie in Season 1, Episode 18: “Sacrifice”

Ladies, clutch your pearls. Demon worms are back and better than ever! By which we mean they're probably crawling through your forehead right now. This week's episode of The Secret Circle might just be our very favorite – after all, it isn't often that we witness the studly trifecta that is Jake, Adam, and Blackwell.

Love Potion No. 9

Let's be honest: Cadam have had it rough. After weeks of sexy spellgasms, forbidden dew drops and dead bird sex, Adam (Thomas Dekker) basically wants nothing to do with Cassie (Britt Robertson), and it's all thanks to a tainted love potion. Unfortunately, she's still totally obsessed with him, and as a result spends most of the episode making this face.

Meanwhile, Adam's too busy making eyes at the real love of his life to care about pigeon fornication with Cassie. Call us crazy, but it looks like this boy's crushing on Diana (Shelley Hennig), but she's moved on to a lad from the land Down Under. Diana still has the hots for Grant, who boats into town and promptly asks her out on a date. They head over to an ice skating rink where Grant gives Diana a private lesson (cough, in tonsil hockey, cough), and it looks like they might just be a match made in muggle heaven! But there's always more to a stud than meets the eye....

Over at the Boathouse, Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) and Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) agree to help Adam plan a party for the school hockey team, but they can't resist practicing a little Circle magic while they're at it. Adam taps into his inner ventriloquist and helps Melissa impress a jock by feeding her lines with his mind! In an effort to one-up her bestie, Faye makes Adam help her score a double bullseye in darts, also with his mind. Unfortunately, when said jock's girlfriend shows up, Adam becomes irrationally enraged and punches him in the face. Way to be a feminist, Adam! Next thing we know this guy will be burning his bras.

Credit: Michael Courtney/The CW ©2012 The CW Network Photo: Jake, Cassie, and Faye in Season 1, Episode 18: “Sacrifice”

Double-Damaged Demonic Danger

So, what's Jake (Chris Zylka) up to while the rest of the gang eye-sex randos? Oh, just punching a stealthy witch hunter named Samuel, who wanders into Chance Harbor to deliver a message to John Blackwell. Turns out Eben's resurrecting demons, and you know what that means: Nick Armstrong could come back into our lives at anytime! We're so excited, we're so excited, we're so... scared.

And we're not alone. As soon as Blackwell hears that Eben's accomplice is in town, he heads over to Cassie's house and proceeds to bitch slap Samuel until he admits that Eben's working with "a witch." Samuel also reveals that Blackwell summoned demons 16 years ago and sacrificed one of his homies in the process! Don't worry, fan-girls, that doesn't necessarily make him evil. When Cassie questions her pops, he explains that Amelia roped up the demons he resurrected before they hurt anyone. Ummm, is now not a good time to mention Heather Barnes? You know, that girl who got turned into a demon and was run over by a giant SUV? Awkward.  

In any case, there's clearly a crisis at hand, so Blackwell tells Cassie and Jake to gather the Circle and meet him at the abandoned house – only to ditch them for some alone time with Samuel in a graveyard! Unfortunately, Samuel gets infected by a pesky demon worm along the way – but don't worry, John Blackwell is well versed in How To Deal With Demons 101. He draws a circle in the dirt to keep Samuel at bay, which seems to work until Eben pops up out of nowhere and knocks Blackwell out. Oh yes he did!

Credit: Michael Courtney/The CW ©2012 The CW Network Photo: Blackwell in Season 1, Episode 18: “Sacrifice”


While the rest of the Circle gather in panic, Diana wanders down to the docks to meet up with Grant and finds out that he's been lying to her about owning a boat. Sigh, we had a feeling this guy was too good to be true. Di sulks off to drown her tears in a cup of coffee, until Cassie convinces her to come to an emergency meeting in the clubhouse. After a few snarky minutes of hang-time, Cassie realizes that Blackwell stood them up, and the whole gang wander out into the night. Thank god for witch GPS.  

Meanwhile, in the middle of nowhere, Eben's in the process of cutting open his hands when the Circle arrive and accidentally unleash Samuel from his line-drawing. Cassie taps into her dark magic and lights Sam on fire, but this only gives him more power and he starts choking her. Seriously, this gal cannot go one episode without being choked by either a ghost or worm. Luckily, John Blackwell wakes up from his cat nap and proceeds to set his palms ablaze, which causes Samuel to explode into goo while a bunch of worms travel up Eben's body. The Circle are too distracted by Blackwell's secret magic to bother with Eben, so they let him wander off through the field, presumably to kill a few randoms. Sigh, it's not like the police will notice anyway.

After a busy night of crime-stopping, the whole crew head back to the clubhouse for a pep talk courtesy of Blackwell, and he tells them all about his love for pet rocks. Turns out there are six crystals, and if they can be found, the witch hunters will be gone forever. Apparently, Blackwell's motivational speech makes everyone feel better about the fact that there are demon people trying to kill them, and they all head back to their respective homes for The Secret Circle's weekly end-of-episode montage. Here's what goes down: Diana half-heartedly agrees to give Grant another chance, Cassie forlornly marvels at Adam's eyelashes of glory, and John Blackwell digs up a grave. Just a typical evening! 


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