Credit: Phoebe Tonkin's Twitter Photo: Phoebe Tonkin Does Ballet for Halloween 2011

Do you follow Phoebe Tonkin on Twitter? The girl is downright adorable, tweeting inspirational quotes, hilarious dorky pictures of herself, and hashtagging things like #chingy and #witchproblems. Now, Teen Vogue’s got a new interview with The Secret Circle star.

Phoebe describes her style as “comfortable and simple,” and lists coconut oil as her favorite beauty product. If she had one superpower, it would be to fly so she wouldn’t have to board planes. The best part came at the very end, when the Australian actress spilled her favorite pop-culture guilty pleasure:

“Scrunchies! I buy them in every color from American Apparel. I don't understand how they became so dorky; they are the best.”

Don’t ever change, girl!

Source: Teen Vogue, Twitter

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