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We can’t get enough of The Secret Circle’s witty witch dialogue – especially when there are new studs on the block! Check out the top 10 doozies from The Secret Circle Season 1, Episode 6: “Wake”, and heads-up: these quotes might cast a spell on you.

10. Jake scopes Cassie (Britt Robertson) out: “Hey, neighbor.”
Okay, we know this isn’t an amazing quote, but imagine it being said by a handsome Greek God with a chiseled jaw.

9. Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) puts her combat boot in her mouth: “Who died and made you Queen witch?”

8. Emo Charles (Gale Harold) speaks: “It’s hard to know anything anymore.”
Turn around, bright eyes!

7. Faye hides from Jake: “Thank God he didn’t see me. I have had an outfit planned for this day for the past two years, and this is not it.”
We’re already planning our outfit for seeing Jake on TV next week.

6. Faye warns Cassie about Jake: “He’ll sleep with you, then dump you, then leave you in a million twisted little pieces. But maybe that’s what you’re into.”
Who wouldn’t be into that?

5. Grams explains Jake’s stud-dom: “Jake left town a few years ago. He was a troubled young man back then.”
Yeah, he’s totally well-adjusted now.

4. Diana (Shelley Hennig) calls Adam (Thomas Dekker) out: “You’re acting like a jealous boyfriend, and not mine.”
We assume she’s referring to Adam’s girl crush on Jake.

3. Jake warns Simone to back off: “It’s too soon for blood letting.”
As far as we’re concerned, it’s never too soon for blood-letting.

2. Simone accuses of Jake of crushing on Cassie: “You were closer to kissing her than to killing her!”
There’s always a fine line between kissing and killing.

1. Faye flirts with her ex: “Hometown parasite returns.”
Parasites: Not to be confused with demon-worms.


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