Credit: The CW Photo: John Blackwell and Charles Meade Are Two Bad Dads

The fathers on The Secret Circle give a whole new meaning to the phrase “daddy issues.” First, there’s drunk dad Ethan Conant (Adam Harrington), who betrayed his whole Circle — and he’s basically the best one. Don’t even get us started on Charles Meade (Gale Harold) and John Blackwell (Joe Lando).

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Phoebe Tonkin (Faye Chamberlain) said, “At this stage, we don’t know who’s worse, Charles or Blackwell. I think they’ve both got bad intentions, and it’s going to be a bit of a battle between those two because they’re both bad.” Tell us about it! Charles murdered precious herb gardener Nick Armstrong (Louis Hunter), while Blackwell liked and told his daughter she had cursed sex with her boyfriend.

Neither of these dudes will be up for father of the year, but which dad is the bigger bad?

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