Credit: Getty Images / The CW Photo: TSC's Charles vs. TVD's Elijah

No doubt the high schoolers on The Secret Circle and The Vampire Diaries are hot. (Thank goodness the actors aren’t actually teenagers themselves, or we’d feel weird saying that.) But the adults on the shows definitely give the kids a run for the money. Case in point: Charles (Gale Harold) from TSC and  Elijah (Daniel Gillies) from TVD are two smoldering oldies. Okay, they’re actually quite young. How old was Charles when he knocked up  Diana’s (Shelley Hennig) mom, anyway? And despite his 1,000 years, we wouldn’t kick Elijah out of our coffin.

Anyway, we couldn’t help but notice these two mature gents bear a striking resemblance — especially before Gillies cut his hair. (We still miss the way it flopped. Sob.) Charles is a devoted dad with a bit of a murder problem. The morally incorruptible (most of the time) Elijah has old-school charm and manners that make us swoon. Though most Thursday nights you don’t have to choose — both appear on our TV sets with some frequency — we’re throwing down the gauntlet here. Who’s hotter: Charles or Elijah?


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