Credit: Sergei Bachlakov/CBS ©2011 The CW Network, LLC Photo: Cassie and Adam Cozy Up to Danger

We had a major bomb dropped on us during the mid-season finale of The Secret Circle. Apparently, Cassie’s dad, John Blackwell, got around, and he left more than just Cass as his protegé!

Yep, there’s another Blackwell kid hanging in The Secret Circle — one who clearly hasn’t tapped into his/her powers. The possibilities? Read on....

1. Adam: If Adam and Cassie are related it would mean that Amelia did the dirty with John and decided to give her baby up to Ethan. Maybe as an “I’m sorry for not like liking you” present?

2. Diana: Cassie and Diana definitely have a close friendship considering they have the hots for the same guy. Could this be a sisterly bond?

3. Faye: Dawn admits to the fact that she had a huge crush on Blackwell in the past. What if he preggo’d her eggo and she never told anyone? It would explain Cassie and Faye’s sibling-like rivalry....

4. Melissa: We don’t know much about Melissa’s family, but we doubt Cassie and her are related. They barely speak. In fact, we’re pretty sure Melissa is yet to acknowledge Cassie’s existence.