It's time to break out your go-to comfort food (pizza, obvs), because bodies will be buried during The Secret Circle's epic season finale! Commence ugly-crying.

"There will absolutely be real and shocking deaths at the end," executive producer Andrew Miller tells TV Guide. "No one is safe as the past finally catches up to the present."

Hear that? Deaths, plural. More than one of our nearest and dearest will be six feet under before too long, and our money's on Blackwell (Joe Lando). Think about it — the good guys always win, which means Blackwell and his pea coat probably won't make it into the second season. But who else should expect a visit from the Grim Reaper during the finale?

We'll be shocked if a member the Circle dies, but it's not like Andrew Miller hasn't taken witchy lives before. Fans are still getting over Nick Armstrong’s (Louis Hunter) wormy demise, so you can imagine the tears that will flow if the Circle loses yet another member!

Sigh, better go arm ourselves with some elderberry twigs and crystal rocks in preparation. 

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