Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC Family Channel Photo: Amy Juergens in Episode 3.15, "Who Do You Trust?"

The Secret Life kids says “sex” so many times per episode, the show should probs be rated NC-17. We’ve all seen the hilarious video where the sex-count is 70 times in one eppy! Last night was no different, except it was the renties who couldn’t stop talking about doing the deed. Sigh, we long for the day when the S-word wasn’t used by George Juergens. Here are our 5 favorite sex-y lines from last night’s episode!

1. Amy: If we wanna have sex, we can have sex. It’s our decision”
George: “Is it gonna be tonight? Because I need to get emotionally and physically prepared if it’s going to be tonight.”

We don’t know what George means by “physically” prepared, but we’re horrified.

2. Grace to Adrian: “I think that we’d love each other if we didn’t have sex. So I don’t know if we should have sex or not. It’s so confusing! It’s like, we wanna have sex, but I think we’d be fine if we didn’t have sex, you know?”

Four times in one ditzy sentence. Grace just beat her record!

3. Amy: “Do you wanna have sex?”
Ricky: “Of course I wanna have sex, do you wanna have sex?”

Ricky’s like: is this a rhetorical question?

4. Grace to Adrian: “You’re not going to have sex with Ben, though... are you?”

Grace is so grossed out by even having to ask this question.

5. George: If you’re not going to have sex with Ricky, you just come back here and put John to bed here.
Amy: Then we’ll have sex here.
George: I don’t think so. I don’t think you’d be comfortable doing that here.
Amy: Fine, we’ll do it there.

Maybe after they figure out the location, George and Amy could discuss what position she and Ricky should do it in. That sounds like a normal father-daughter convo, too –– right?

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