Credit: ABC Family Photo: Amy Looks Lonely in Episode 3.22, "Loose Lips"

Monday night’s episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager dealt with sex way less than usual. We were kinda freaked out too, but don’t worry, these teens can’t stop the dirty talk for too long! The “sex” bombs might have been a little few and far between, but they were better than ever! Check out the top 5 SEX-y quotes from “Loose Lips!”

1. Madison: “She was having sex in her bedroom with her stepbrother during your shower.”
Amy: “What?”

Sigh, Adrian gave a whole new meaning to brotherly love that night.

2. Jack: “I don’t think you’ve ever really gotten over the fact that she and I had sex when you wouldn’t have sex with me.”
Grace: “And are we talking about oral sex or sex sex?”

It can get really confusing sometimes.

3. Kathleen schools Grace: “Maybe if you weren’t so busy having sex with Grant you’d have more time for your friends.”

Who needs friends when you’re sexing up a Justin Bieber look-alike?

4. Tom hurts Grace’s feelings: “You think you know everything, but if you were really smart you wouldn’t have sex with every guy you date.”

Way harsh, Tom. So what if Grace does the deed? She’ll probs get preggo even if she’s abstinent. It’s called immaculate conception.

5. Ben asks Amy why she got pregnant: “Were you sexually stupid?”

In a word: yes.