Justin Timberlake must be really jealous right about now, because the Secret Life teens are bringing sexy back, like whoa. Who knew that the S-word could be dropped so many times in one hour and you’d be left wanting more!?

Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up the top 5 SEX-y quotes from last night’s sextacular Secret Life of the American Teenager episode!

Credit: ABC Family Photo: Ricky & Amy Hang at the Driving Range in Episode 3.21, "Young at Heart"

1. Adrian: “Yeah, we had sex! Maybe the best sex of my entire life!”
Grace: “Wasn’t it awkward?”
Adrian: “No! And you wanna know why? Because that Ben is crazy! You know it’s the quiet ones that surprise you.”

Well, he is the Sausage King. It’s kinda in the job description to be good at handling his meat.

2. Adrian: “You know, maybe we should be getting married in a church!”
Grace: “Because the sex is so good?”
Adrian: “Not just good. Walk on water good.”

God’s all, “You’re welcome.”

3. Amy sucks face with her man: “If you’re doing this so people will think that we’re having sex I don’t really care. I like kissing you. A lot.”

Ricky’s just trying to maintain his rep as a bad boy! A stud isn’t a stud if he’s not boning ladies.

4. Ricky: “I play drums because I like drums, but I like sex better.”

Thanks for clearing up your priorities there for us, buddy. We were confused.

5. Jack: “I don’t want a favor from you, sexual or otherwise.”
Grace: “Well, you already got a sexual favor from me, if I recall.”
Jack: “That wasn’t a favor, you wanted to do that as much as I did. You thought it was great. It was so good you thought you killed your own father!”

‘Cause nothing is sexier than the night your crazy sex blows up your dad.