Credit: ABC Family Photo: Ricky Eavesdrops in Episode 3.23, "Round II"

We really got to the heart of Ricky’s bad-boy lifestyle in Monday night’s Secret Life of the American Teenager episode. It was like all that repressed sexy angst built up in his system and then blew its wad all over the place.

The plight of a stud is a mysterious thing indeed, so try to make some sense of Ricky’s 5 studliest moments from “Round II!” 

1. So studly that middle-aged ladies want to jump his bones.

Ricky seriously cannot go anywhere without women trying to pounce him. After about 30 seconds of being at Leo’s office, Camille was practically itching to get out of her skirt and into Ricky’s pants. Check out her pick up line: “You’re even more handsome in person.” Hey, Cam — if you want a cellmate when you’re arrested, we hear Ricky gets his good looks from Nora!

2. So studly he had a traumatic childhood.

Everyone knows that a real stud is a man of mystery with a hidden past. In Ricky’s case the secret is out! This bad boy was abused by his father as a child, and his mother was a drug user. That’s right, on top of crushing on Ricky, we now want to give him a huge hug and tell him that it’s all going to be OK. Sigh, this dude has us right where he wants us.

3. So studly that he refuses to talk about his past.

After Ricky’s breakdown in the hallway, Amy tries to get him to open up about his traumatic childhood. Girl, don’t you know you’re dealing with a super-stud? You can’t ask him questions! The only person Ricky talks to about his feelings is his therapist, and even then he usually storms out of the room in a huff.

4. So studly that he views himself as “damaged goods.”

Instead of owning up to the fact that he’s a total hound dog, Ricky’s trying to spin it, like: “I’m just trying to heal my troubled self by sexing ladies!” Calm down, man. Being a bad-boy is a good thing. Don’t listen to those playa haters — you’ve got nothing to be ashamed of!

5. So studly that Ben finally proclaimed his man crush.

id anyone else think that Ben’s sudden proclamation of Ricky’s stud-dom was a bit rando? The Sausage Prince was in the middle of comforting Adrian and Amy and then suddenly it was all Ricky, Ricky, Ricky. Bromance alert! Ben’s exact words were, “He’s the guy that all the girls want, but you got him!” Wow, Ben, jealous much?

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