Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC Family Channel Photo: Amy & George Share a Family Moment in Episode 3.26, "Or Not To Be"

Are you in major need of some cheering up after the sob-fest that was The Secret Life of the American Teenager finale? We’ve got the perfect cure! Check out the biggest WTF moments from last night’s amazeballs eppy and get your snark on.

1. Should Amy and her dad be banned from dance clubs everywhere?

Last night’s Secret Life episode wasn’t just the saddest yet, it was the most awkward. We don’t care how awesome Amy’s iPod playlist is — no one wants to watch someone shake it to music that we can’t even hear. So how does a one person dance-a-thon get even more uncomfortable? When a middle-aged nerd joins the party. Please never bust a move again, George.

2. Was Ricky and Amy’s rendez-do inappropriate?

Normal reactions to a death: crying and depression. Abnormal reactions to death: sexing your studly boyfriend while tears are rolling down your face. Sorry Amy, but as much as we want you and Ricky to get down, your turn-ons are a major WTF.

3. Jack owns a newsboy hat?

Nothing impresses the ladies more than wearing a newsboy hat... if you're an extra in the movie Newsies, that is. We have to admit that Tom looked sort of adorable rocking that cap, but what really weirded us out is that he raided it from Jack’s closet! Then again, maybe it’s the perfect complement for his dollar-sign necklace. Good call, Jack.

4. Is “Beloved” a wonderful name?

You guys, we are so inspired by Jeff’s trip to Africa. It’s like, other cultures are so magical. According to Jeff, even the preggo people are better outside of the US of A! In Africa, ladies get pregnant, pop out babies, and name them “wonderful names like Beloved.” Oh Secret Life, we love it when you try to be cultural.

5. Is Madison a bizzaro world hooker?

Some ladies (cough, Betty, cough) get paid for having sex. Madison gets paid for not having sex... by her dad. While this could be seen as inappropriate and possibly horrifying, let’s not forget: Madison is a total horn-dog. If giving her boat loads of cash is the only way to keep her pants on, go for it Daddy Cooperstein.

6. Are Amy and Nora falling in love?

Nora and Amy were all over each other last night — they even dropped the L-word! Uh, congrats? We’re all about Amy bonding with Ricky’s mom, but they’ve only hung out a few times. It's no wonder Secret Life’s theme song goes “Fallin’ in love is such an easy thing to do."