Credit: ABC Family Photo: Ashley Checks In From Her Road Trip in Episode 4.02, "Another One Opens"

Do you love Secret Life of the American Teenager unconditionally? So do we! But sometimes we scratch out heads and go: “What the whaaaa?” If you ended this episode filled with Secret Life joy, but also some mild confusion about certain teens and their sexy antics, you’re in luck! We’ve rounded up the biggest WTF moments from last night’s amazeballs episode.

1. Is George a secret history buff? George Juergens: Balding stay-at-home dad by day, expert in Native American history by later in the day. George’s random lesson in Mojave history came completely out of left field. One minute he and Ashley were having a perfectly normal convo about her sex life and the next, Secret Life had turned into 3rd period history class. Oh well, we won’t turn down an opportunity to get our education on. Thanks, George!

2. Was the flashback to mini-Amy the scariest thing you’ve ever seen? Look, Secret Life isn’t the first television show to do the whole “father picturing his teenager as a little girl thing” — we’ve just never seen it done so ... creepily. There wasn’t even any lead-in music! Amy was yelling at George per usual, and suddenly there was a random kid staring up at us with a toothless grin. There’s a word for people who see things that aren’t there, George. It’s called delusional.

3. George wants Robbie to help him demolish the kitchen? When George insisted that Robbie help him re-do the kitchen, we kept waiting for Anne to step in like, “Um, get my kid away from that hacksaw,” but no. Nothing. She was too busy tearing up over her counter tops to realize that her baby had been sitting in the middle of a construction zone with no hard hat on all day.

Credit: ABC Family Photo: Ricky & Amy Talk In The Bathroom in Episode 4.02, "Another One Opens"

4. Does Grant High not have a men’s room? So, Amy is having one of her usual chats with her besties in the girls’ bathroom (where else?), when Ricky waltzes in like he owns the place. No one even questions him; they all just act like it’s completely normal that he’s studding it up next to the tampon dispenser. Wow, this boy really is the modern day Fonzie.  

5. Betty thinks Adrian is Jewish? Betty’s conversation with Adrian was filled with all sorts of memorable musings about the nature of mourning, but none more WTF than her thoughts on Jewish mirrors. It is a traditional Jewish custom to cover mirrors when a loved one dies, but apparently Betty thinks this is the only explanation for Adrian’s recent fashion fails.  

6. Is Adrian a red-hot tomato? Betty’s clueless-ness struck again when she called Adrian a big red tomato, whatever that means. Honestly, we’re still confused about what Betty was trying to say, but we think it boils down to this: Adrian is fat, ugly, and in major need of a bath. We beg to disagree. Though Adrian’s hair is in need of some deep-conditioning, she looks beautiful and fresh-faced without her usual heavy make-up. Work it, girl!

7. Is Grace the worst friend ever? Grace is supposed to be Adrian’s best friend, so why the heck is she in Zimbabwe when Adrian is going through the biggest hardship of her life? It would be bad enough if it was a short trip, but now Grace wants to extend her visit. No wonder Adrian is pissed. Way to suck, Cookie.